Crazy Ants: Types, Characteristics, Bite, and Precautions (2023 Guide)

crazy ants

Have you ever been intrigued by the small creatures that scuttle around your yard, or even invade your kitchen, seemingly driven by a chaotic energy that knows no bounds? If so, welcome to the world of Crazy Ants, Nylanderia fulva!

They are also known in certain circles as Rasberry crazy ants or Tawny crazy ants.

These tiny powerhouses not only take the cake for being among the most persistent creatures on Earth but their peculiar behavior and characteristics also put them in a league of their own. 

It’s not just their erratic movements that have earned these ants their moniker; there’s a lot more to their ‘craziness’ than meets the eye.

Crazy ants, while intriguing, also come with a bite. And while we wouldn’t want you to get bitten, we’re sure you’re itching to know how to get rid of them if need be.

So, whether you’re a curious observer, a reluctant co-habitant, or someone simply fascinated by the wonders of the natural world, join us on this wild ride into the universe of Crazy Ants.

What Do Crazy Ants Look Like?

Alright, let’s take a deeper look into these little dynamos. What do crazy ants actually look like? You may be picturing your run-of-the-mill ant, but hold onto your hats because these critters are anything but ordinary!

  • Size: Crazy ants are relatively small, usually ranging from 2.2 to 3 mm in length. But don’t let their size fool you; these are mighty ants living large!
  • Color: Their color can be quite deceiving. They have a reddish-brown body that often gives them a stealthy edge in their natural habitats.
  • Body structure: Unlike your average ant, these ants have an incredibly distinctive body structure. They have long legs and antennae, which give them a certain ‘wild’ aesthetic. 
  • Hair: If you could zoom in (and I mean way in), you’d find their bodies are covered in tiny hairs. These hairs, often invisible to the naked eye, make them look somewhat grayish under certain light.
  • Erratic Movement: But the real giveaway? Their erratic movement. They run around frantically with no apparent direction, thus earning them the name ‘crazy’.

So, next time you spot a fast-moving, long-legged, reddish-brown ant zipping around, remember, you’ve just met one of the most eccentric members of the ant family!

Where do Crazy Ants Nest?

Well, now that we’ve gotten acquainted with these energetic creatures, you might be wondering, “Where do these crazy ants call home?” The answer, my friends, will truly underscore why they’re christened “crazy.”

Imagine the most inhospitable, most unlikely places for a creature to set up shop. Got a mental picture? Well, crazy ants, in their typical unconventional style, would probably call that place ‘home sweet home.’

Here are some locations where you should be on high alert for Crazy Ants:

  • Indoor invaders: Crazy ants aren’t just outdoor creatures; they’re equally at home indoors! They’ll set up cozy colonies in wall voids, among house plants, and even in your trash.
  • Tech-savvy tenants: Ever heard of ants living inside your electrical appliances? These ants are tech-savvy, often nesting in the warmth of electrical equipment and, yes, even laptops!
  • Outdoor occupants: Out in the wild, crazy ants are the survivalists of the ant kingdom. They happily nest under stones, inside dead wood, or amidst leaf litter. They’re not picky when it comes to choosing a home!
  • Super colonizers: In their quest for world domination (or at least yard domination), these ants form ‘super colonies’ with multiple nests. Their empire-building spirit is truly unmatched!

So, whether it’s the great outdoors or the comforts of your home, these ants know how to make themselves comfortable.

What are Crazy Ants attracted to?

Have you ever wondered what draws crazy ants to your home or backyard like a moth to a flame? 

  • Moisture Galore: Much like us humans on a sweltering summer day, crazy ants are suckers for moisture-rich environments. That leaky pipe or damp garden could be a magnet for these little guys.
  • Food Fiesta: Don’t be fooled by their size. These ants have a big appetite! They’re attracted to a variety of foods, but sweet and protein-rich sources top the list of their favorite snacks.
  • Warmth: Who doesn’t love a cozy nook? These ants are attracted to warm spots, and they often invade your home appliances for that snug warmth they provide.
  • Easy Access: Crazy ants are opportunistic nesters. They’ll be attracted to any potential nesting sites that provide easy access to food, warmth, and moisture.

Remember, knowing what attracts these little invaders can help keep them at bay. Curious about more crazy ant antics? Let’s carry on with our journey!

Crazy Ants Electricity Connection

Ready for a jolt? Because when it comes to crazy ants and electricity, things can get quite electrifying! Their love affair with electrical equipment is not only odd, but it’s also incredibly intriguing.

This affinity is so strong that it leads them right into our laptops, junction boxes, and various other electrical equipment. They just can’t seem to resist the buzz!

But this attraction isn’t just peculiar, it’s potentially disastrous, often leading to short circuits and electrical failures.

What’s even more baffling is the reason behind this attraction. Some scientists have proposed that crazy ants may be drawn to the electromagnetic fields produced by electrical equipment. It’s still a theory, but a captivating one.

Sadly, this unique attraction often ends in tragedy for the ants, leading to mass electrocutions. But even this doesn’t seem to deter them. It’s as if they’re wired to follow this electrified path.

What do Crazy Ants Eat?

Ever wondered what’s on the menu in the world of crazy ants?

These critters may have a wild side, but when it comes to their diet, they’re pretty versatile.

  • Sweet Tooth: Much like us indulging in a sugary treat, crazy ants are fond of honeydew, plant nectar, and other sweet substances. Yes, ants have a sweet tooth too!
  • Protein Power: For their size, these ants have quite an appetite for protein. They’ll happily munch on various insects and animal matter they stumble upon.
  • Grease is Good: You won’t find these ants turning their noses up at greasy substances. They’re game for some good old-fashioned oily grub.
  • Kitchen Crumbs: Left some crumbs on your kitchen counter? For crazy ants, that’s a feast waiting to be devoured!
  • All-Rounders: Essentially, crazy ants are omnivorous, meaning they’ll eat just about anything edible they come across.

So, their palate is as diverse as their nesting habits! Fascinating, isn’t it? 

Crazy Ants Bite

Do crazy ants bite? The answer is, yes, they do! But before you start panicking, let’s unpack this a bit.

  • The Bite: While crazy ants are capable of biting, their bite is usually less severe than other ant species. It’s more akin to a little pinch than a painful sting!
  • No Venom: Thankfully, these ants aren’t in the venom-injecting business like their fire ant cousins. So, a bite might be discomforting, but it’s not dangerous.
  • Bite Effects: Typically, a bite from a crazy ant leads to a slight stinging sensation followed by minor itching. It’s not the stuff of medical dramas, for sure!
  • Treatment: A simple first aid response is usually sufficient for treating a crazy ant bite – clean the bite, apply an antiseptic, and refrain from scratching.

Thus, while crazy ants might be a wild bunch, their bite isn’t as fearsome as their name might suggest. 

How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants?

If you’ve been following along, you’re now quite the crazy ant aficionado! But what if these industrious invaders have made themselves a tad too comfortable in your space? 

Fear not, we’ve got some tips to reclaim your turf from these tenacious tenants.

  • Non-Repellent Spray: As you’ve rightly pointed out, a non-repellent ant spray can be a game-changer. Containing insecticides, these sprays can treat both the ant trail and the colonies, offering an effective solution if you’ve located the nest.
  • Professional Help: If the infestation is significant, it’s time to call in the experts. Pest control professionals can provide tailored solutions to eradicate these ants.
  • Seal Entrances: Prevention is key. Seal off potential entry points in your home to keep these ants from becoming uninvited guests.
  • Clean and Dry: Keep your spaces clean and dry. Remember, these ants love moisture and food crumbs, so denying them these comforts can discourage their visit.

And voila! Armed with these tips, you’re ready to show those crazy ants who’s boss. Curious to learn more? Let’s keep going!


And there we have it,  We’ve journeyed together through the wildly fascinating world of crazy ants. 

We’ve marveled at their unique features, cracked the code on their intriguing nesting habits, discovered their eclectic palate, and even peeked into their electrifying attraction to, well, electricity!

Yes, they may bite, but we’ve also learned that it’s not quite as dramatic as one might think.

And should you find these ants becoming a bit too chummy in your space, we’ve equipped you with some handy tips to show them the door, politely of course!

In the end, like any creature on this diverse planet, crazy ants have their quirks and idiosyncrasies, which just add to their ‘crazy’ charm.

But remember, it’s a big world out there, with an endless list of incredible creatures to discover. So, until our next adventure, keep that curiosity alive, and stay fascinated!